Innovative Home Renovations

kiloNewton is an innovative Sydney based Home Builder and Home Renovation company.

We use our unique planning, technical knowledge and years of experience to optimise each diollar our clients put into the renovation.

Add Value, not Cost

There is often a way to value-add to a project without adding additional cost.

A home can be made more livable, more energy efficient, have a bigger open plan and usable space by putting brain-power into the job before any physical construction is done.

Planning and value-adding is what kiloNewton does best – thinking ahead and giving you more.

When is a good time to renovate?

Renovating a home or part of a home is a great solution when all but one or two areas of the home function correctly. Alternatively, when a  refresh of the kitchen or bathroom is all that an otherwise perfectly good home needs.

A renovation can breathe new life into a tired home and change family dynamics and functionality as a result.