What is Microcement?

Microcement is a premier luxury finish that can be installed onto a vast number of surfaces.

It is a durable, smooth cementitious finish that feels like stone or concrete.

The pictures below show a wall in the Cue store done with Microcement:



Where can Microcement be applied?

Almost anywhere, especially walls where it can be used to create a marble or concrete looking surface with no joints.

Walls, floors, stairs, benchtops and many more surfaces can be coated in a variety of colors and textures.




What are the advantages of Microcement?

Microcement is a relatively new product that has unique properties giving it a variety of applications.

It can be used on walls as well as floors and other surfaces that require durability.

The advantages are that a stone-like effect can be achieved without the cost, design implications and the heavy weight associated with stone or concrete.

Microcement can be applied in a variety of colors and textures which allows color-matching of existing surfaces or lighting schemes.