kiloNewton constructs high quality homes in the Sydney Metropolitan area.

kN Home Builders

Residential construction is the finest category of construction. It takes a great deal of planning and care in construction. The accuracy required in constructing a family home is far greater than civil or commercial construction. We put in effort to ensure that the finished product is something we will be proud of and you will enjoy for many years to come.

Constructing a family home is the single biggest financial investment most people will make. Beyond this, it is a sanctuary that people retreat to and where families connect with each other.

Our philosophy is that we build your home the way that we would like our home to be built. We don't cut corners, use poor quality materials or cover over things.

We offer greater value than any other home builder in Sydney. Our aim is to deliver the highest quality so that, dollar for dollar, you get a higher grade of finish every time.