Whats the difference between Mass and Weight?

The Mass of an object is a constant and its measured in kg
The Weight of an object is the amount of Force that it imposes due to gravity, measured in Newtons
Although popularly termed “weight”, our mass is measured in kilograms by our bathroom scale.
The bathroom scale measures the force we exert and converts it to kg either digitally by a load cell or on an analogue spring system. So whats the difference between kg and kN?
As per previous, our mass is constant so if we were to put the bathroom scales at the bottom of the swimming pool and stand on them (supposing they were waterproof) the scales would show a lower mass – a quick “weight-loss” technique.

This is again because our scales measure our weight (force), then convert it to something we commonly understand as kilograms

What is a kiloNewton?

1 Newton is the force imposed due to gravity by an object having a mass of 1 kilogram
1 kiloNewton is equal to 1000 Newtons
for further reference, the Wikipedia article:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newton_(unit)