Leaders in Fixed Price Remedial and Defects

kiloNewton is a pioneer in fixed price multi-trade rectification of defects. This means we assess your construction problem and quote you a lump sum to fix the problem, all trades included.

Itemised to each trade – easy to Backcharge

We can assess and give a fixed price quotation, broken down into each trade.

Our timesheets and invoices are itemised so that you can readily backcharge the responsible subcontractor.

This reduces the time sorting out who gets backcharged what. We do this fairly and without bias, so your subcontractor doesn’t feel hard done by.

Used by Subcontractors also

In fact, subcontractors often engage us to fix stuff-ups that their own blokes created. Because we specialise in a few trades, it is cheaper for the subcontractor to contract us to complete the work than send their own men to do it. Their guys are more effective on new work, bringing new money into their business.

Consider it Un-Done

When your subcontractor makes a big mess, we are as close to an undo-button as you will find. Call us before your next “issue” becomes a headache on site.

We can get you out of the mess your subbie got you into and free you up to move onto the next job knowing the completed job is defect-free.