Bold Bathrooms is the division of kiloNewton that specialises in bathroom renovations – Sydney’s Premier Bathroom Renovation Company.

Our bathroom division is called Bold Bathrooms because we strive to build bathrooms that are as eye-catching as they are functional.

We pride ourselves on transforming existing bathrooms into your ideal bathroom space.

Our first step is to listen to what our clients want, and working within those parameters, create a bathroom that blends form and function.

At Bold Bathrooms, we incorporate the latest design innovations to deliver a level of sophistication and luxury you will really enjoy having in your day-to day experience.

We understand that your new bathroom needs to be an integral, comfortable and functional addition to your lifestyle.

Our aim is to deliver a bathroom that meets or exceeds your expectations…. a Bold Bathroom


There is almost no limit to the range of styles and designs that bold bathrooms can deliver. From a simple makeover to an entire changeover of bath, toilet, shower, vanity, we have done it all before.

Our attention to detail is evident in our bathrooms because we make it all fit together seamlessly.